NJ Home Inspections and Empty Houses

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NJ home inspections and empty houses prove to have their own set of rules at times. The recession saw many empty foreclosed homes in an array of conditions. While the real estate market has rebounded there are always going to be empty homes, bank-owned or not. Many home owners move on for jobs or lifestyle and leave homes empty until they are sold. An empty home can cause issues for a Bergen County home inspector.

If a home is empty due to foreclosure it may have a host of issues. The least of these problems is being messy. More likely appliances have been removed. Sometimes sinks, tubs, and fixtures have been removed. The hardest part on a New Jersey home inspector can be when the utilities have been turned off.

When a home is empty because the occupants have moved on the story may be different. If a REALTOR is involved he has undoubtedly made the sellers keep the utilities on. This certainly makes things easier. An empty home in this case is easier to inspect because it is most likely left in good condition, simply empty. An empty home is easier to inspect because there is nothing to move and everything is visible.

In ether case, whether a home is iffy due to foreclosure or simply empty, photos are always a good idea. Photos provide documentation and protection. Your NJ home inspector should know how to approach any home. But, if you are buying an empty home make sure he knows what he is prepared for.

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