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Check for air leaks when conducting NJ home inspections.  Air leaks can reduce a home’s energy efficiency significantly, increasing the utility bills at the same time.  Air leaks can also lead to water damage.  Whether you are going to inspect your home on your own or hire a professional it is important to check for air leaks.


If you are going to conduct a NJ home inspection on your own consider starting with a thorough exam of your windows for cracks, tears in the seals, and whether or not they close properly.  Another test to try is the home air pressure test.  This starts by closing all windows, doors, dampers and vets.  Follow this up by turn on any bathroom or kitchen fans and subsequently waving an incense stick in front of the windows, skylights and doors to the outside.  If you have an air leak it will be clear.


A New Jersey home inspection is an important tool in determining the health and efficiency of your home.  Contact Sherlock Home Inspectors today to schedule your home inspection.  Our knowledge and experience can work to your advantage for all of your NJ home inspection needs.


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