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There are winter challenges related to NJ home inspections, especially this year with all of the snow we have received. Large amounts of snow can make inspecting the foundation of a home difficult. In addition, a blanket of snow could be hiding roof damage. An experienced New Jersey home inspector can meet the added challenge of difficult weather conditions and make sure your home gets the attention it deserves.


Home buyers should be aware that winter inspections may yield different results than those taking place in the summer, yet it goes without saying that each season can reveal something different in a home. In harsh winter weather you can see how a heating system is working under pressure and how efficient a roof is, especially how it handles the heat, snow and formation of icicles. It is also important to remember that a thorough inspection of the interior of a home can be conducted at any time of year.


Contact Sherlock Home Inspectors today to share your concerns about conducting a winter home inspection. We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge of home inspections in the New Jersey area while updating you on how we approach heavy snow and how it affects a home. Let our knowledge and experience work to your advantage.


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