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When it comes to NJ home inspections a close look at wiring can help deter future fire danger.  Older homes are especially at risk of faulty wiring if upgrades have not been made over the years.  The wiring of your New Jersey home should be looked at as the veins of the body of your home and as such should be in excellent working order.


Faulty wiring in a home can lead to fire, making it an important part on your NJ home inspection checklist.  The recommendation to rewire a home, while a hassle, can be a blessing.  Not only will updating your wiring bring your home up to code but it could also end up saving you money on home owners insurance.


When you schedule a NJ home inspection make sure you ask for an in-depth look at the electrical system in your home.  Contact Sherlock Home Inspectors today for more information on what we include in our inspections.  We believe in being thorough and want you to know the true conditions of your home.


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