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Fall maintenance tips are helpful to homeowners, and in the end helpful for NJ home inspections. Taking care of your home equates to taking care of your investment. Time spent on maintenance both inside and outside of your home pays off in terms of keeping your home in good working condition. A New Jersey home inspector can tell when a home has been cared for as well as when one has been ignored.

Fall chores include:

  • cleaning the chimney
  • checking the roof for missing tiles or shingles
  • inspecting the heating system
  • checking windows and doors for air leaks
  • turning off outside water faucets
  • raking leaves
  • clearing gutters
  • blowing out sprinkler systems
  • trimming trees
  • pruning bushes
  • cutting back gardens

These are but a few things to keep in mind for fall home care. Taking care of a home is important and making sure your home and surrounding property are ready for winter is important. A NJ home inspector will know what to look for when checking your home but seasonal and annual maintenance sets you off on betting footing.

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