NJ Home Inspections, Is Visual Enough?

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A big question surrounding NJ home inspections is whether a visual inspection is enough. A visual inspection is what a typical home inspection is. Somehow this can appear inadequate at times. After all, isn’t there an old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover?” The reality is, however, there are visual signs that accompany home issues. This can be sparks from a light switch, water damage under a sink, and missing roof shingles. In addition, a New Jersey home inspector might see signs in what is clearly very new.

An experienced NJ home inspector knows what to look for, understanding the difference between a repair and a coverup. For example, are a couple of brand new shingles or mismatching shingles on siding or a roof a repair or a coverup? A home inspector is charged with inspecting systems that are readily accessible and visible. In addition the report filled out by any given inspector is one that represents his opinion. Unfortunately this means that a NJ home inspection may not always be as thorough as a home buyer may like.

The fear of the unknown can certainly haunt a home buyer who may be disenchanted with an inspection report. This is why reputation matters. Knowing you are working with experience is important, as is working with someone trustworthy. A solid home inspector who suspects an issue will recommend a specialist if he is not capable himself. While home inspections are visual inspections a reputable inspector will ensure that if an issue is suspected a buyer will be informed of it.

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Hiring an experienced NJ home inspector is an important part of buying a home. Contact Sherlock Home Inspectors today to schedule your home inspection. We welcome the opportunity to update you on the home inspection checklist while sharing references at the same time. Let the authority on NJ home inspections help you understand the complete condition of your home.

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