New Jersey Home Inspection Might Save You Money

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A New Jersey home inspection might save you money on your home purchase. This important part of the buying process reveals the condition of a home. More importantly if issues arise you are faced with options. No home is perfect and flaws will appear on your inspection report. Bigger issues will require thought about how to tackle them. Choose a reputable NJ home inspection company to examine a home you have under contract. When you receive your report sit down with your REALTOR and discuss your options if red flags have arisen.

If there is a substantial issue that appears with your home inspection you really have 4 options.

  1. You can ask the seller to make the repair.
  2. You can ask for money at closing to make the repair.
  3. You can accept the home as is.
  4. You can walk away from the deal.

Your last option may be your first choice if the issue that arises is just too big for you to wrap your head around. This could be a leaky roof, a cracked foundation, or major plumbing problems. If you have your heart set on the home this is your time to negotiate. Whatever shows up on the inspection report has to be disclosed to the next buyer should you walk. As a result the seller is really between a rock and a hard place, needing to make the repairs, lower the price, or risk waiting a very long time to sell the home in question.

Hire an experienced NJ home inspector

Hiring an experienced NJ home inspector is important to uncover the exact health and condition of a home. Contact Sherlock Home Inspectors today to schedule your home inspection. We welcome the opportunity to educate you on the inspection process. Let us share our home inspection checklist, helping you understand the process. Sherlock Home Inspectors is the authority on the New Jersey home inspection process.

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