NJ Home Inspectors, Not All Created Equal

NJ home inspectors

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When it comes to NJ home inspectors not all are created equal. In other words, some are better than others. The home inspection is a crucial part of a real estate transaction. The inspection reveals the condition of a home, important considering a home is a large investment. No one wants to find issues upon moving into a new residence which is why a home inspection is part of the process. Do your homework and locate a New Jersey home inspection company or home inspector that has a solid reputation.

An experienced and reputable NJ home inspector will be able to provide you with references. He will also provide you with a checklist and any charges that apply. It makes sense that an inspection of a studio apartment would be cheaper than a 5 bedroom single family home. What does not make sense is to have extra charges tacked on unknowingly. For instance, there should be no charge associated with a problem being found unless a specialist was approved and called upon. Honesty and integrity are key elements to look for in a NJ home inspector.

Home inspections reveal issues

A home inspection will reveal issues and allow for negotiating with a seller. This could mean repairs being made, money at closing, or simply accepting the issues. No matter what the outcome it is always better to know the truth and not be caught off guard. An experienced New Jersey home inspector can make the difference between an informed decision and an unfortunate one.

Hiring an experienced NJ home inspector is a crucial piece of the buying puzzle. Contact Sherlock Home Inspectors today to schedule your home inspection. Learn why our inspectors are recognized as some of the best in the area. We welcome the opportunity to share our home inspection checklist while walking you through our process. Complete with references to back us up, Sherlock Home Inspectors is the authority on NJ home inspections.

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