New Jersey home inspections

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When it comes to NJ home inspections not all issues that arise are big.  In fact, many issues are capable of being taken care of by you.  From creaky floorboards to rusty valves, a few tools can help you take care of problems in your home.


Did you know that creaks in your floorboards can be taken care of with something as easy as talcum powder?  A little WD40 can help lubricate your valves and avoid rust.  Exterior paint can help avoid bubbling on the ceiling of your shower.  There are many simple moves you can make to have your home look and operate better.


Big issues that arise from a New Jersey home inspector examining your home can include the roof, the foundation, and mold.  Most of us dread the home inspection knowing that costly repairs could be on the horizon.  However, little issues could be the only thing that shows up and many of these we can take care of ourselves.


Contact Sherlock Home Inspectors today for all of your New Jersey home inspection needs.  We conduct a thorough exam of your home, helping you know what is working and what is not.  Our knowledge and experience can work to your advantage for the health of your NJ home.


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