NJ home inspectors

Sherlock Home Inspectors, giving your NJ home a thorough exam

When it comes to NJ home inspections you can save time by examining your home first.  No one knows a home like the person living in it and if you notice things like drafty windows, light switches that do not work properly or a leak here and there take notes.  You can take the time to get repairs made prior to your home inspection or simply have a list to go over with your NJ home inspector.


A home inspection is an important aspect of a purchase process.  If you are selling your NJ home you should consider a home inspection prior to putting it on the market.  This can help you avoid unexpected surprises and take care of repairs prior to attracting buyers.  The more prepared you are for the selling process the smoother your transaction an be.


Contact Sherlock Home Inspectors today for all of your New Jersey home inspection needs.  A thorough checklist can help you know what is working and what is not in your home.  Our knowledge and experience can work to your advantage when preparing your NJ home for sale.


Sherlock Home Inspectors, your pre-purchase consultants. We have been serving New York and New Jersey since 1976. Let us inspect your home prior to selling to avoid any unnecessary surprises.