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When it comes to NJ home inspections the roof should be on your checklist.  The roof is an extremely important part of your home, protecting everything that lies below it, and as such it should be examined and maintained each year, whether you inspect it yourself or hire a professional.  Our team of NJ home inspectors knows what to look for in a roof inspection and our knowledge can help you take care of your investment.


What should you look for in a NJ home inspection when it comes to the roof?  Start from the ground and examine what you can see, starting with the eaves, any visible missing elements, any water damage, etc.  Any clear signs of issues should then be examined up close.


The next obvious step is to get on to the roof or, at the very least, closer by climbing a ladder.  Missing shingles or roof tiles, cracked shingles or tiles and holes are obvious signs of issues with your roof.  If you can conduct an annual inspection of the roof on your New Jersey home you can stay one step ahead of costly repairs.


Contact us, Sherlock Home Inspectors, today to learn more about having your New Jersey home inspected.  We offer thorough inspections and stand behind our reports.  Taking care of your investment is an important aspect of home ownership.


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